Dubai Municipality enhances awareness on new regulations for private waste management companies


Dubai Municipality, 21 March 2022: Dubai Municipality organized a customer forum for companies working in the field of waste collection, transport and treatment in the Emirate of Dubai with the aim of creating excellent environmental partnerships with the private sector and providing quality services that satisfy the aspirations of all customers of the Municipality.

The forum was conducted based on the Municipality’s constant keenness to establish a culture of environmental sustainability through initiatives, campaigns, programs and forums to educate all segments of society in the Emirate of Dubai. It is also part of its continuous efforts aimed at sustaining awareness programs for all government decisions and legislations with private sector companies, and raising the quality of life in the country by building a diversified economy that preserves the environment and achieves sustainable development. The event was organized with the aim of informing and educating companies working in the field of sustainable waste management in Dubai on the importance of promoting ways and means to benefit from solid waste by adhering to special regulations and legislations.

It was an ideal platform and a direct window to expand the horizons of serious dialogue and sit face to face with customers and representatives of the private sector to hear their constructive comments and closely identify their needs to reach the highest levels of public satisfaction by providing the best services in line with the most distinguished practices and approved international standards. A number of themes and presentations were reviewed and discussed, including raising awareness on the importance of enhancing solid waste separation from the source, collecting and transporting waste and the opportunities and challenges in these areas, in addition to reviewing and discussing a working paper entitled “Supporting the Recycling Industry” and Waste Treatment in the Emirate of Dubai.

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