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You can Apply Pravasi Id Card or Norka Id Card Online

Pravasi Id Car or Norka Id Card is a connection point between parvasi & Government of kerala.
This multi-purpose photo identity card entitles every NRK to avail all services and facilities offered by NORKA Roots, now and in future.

PRAVASI ID card comes with an add-on of Personal Accident Insurance coverage of upto a maximum of Rs. 4 Lakhs. The card has a validity of 3 years.Pay Just 315 Rupees and Get 4 Lakh Pravasi Insurance Benefit from Kerala Government

The Pravasi, Students who possess the identity card provided by norka roots now will have to pay Double Insurance according to the new law. In case of accidental death the insurance issuance would be from a range of 2 lakh to 4 lakh.

In case a person is disabled then the insurance issuance has increased from a range of 1 lakh -2 lakh.If in an individual is accidentally dead or fully or partially disabled then he or she would get this insurance. This benefit is on going from April 1 2020. Those who have been a part of it from April 1 or before that would be provided with the benefits after they have completed one year of membership.

From the reports of last year’seconomy it is found that for 28 Pravasi family 54.64 lakh have been distributed by Norka. The people who are working with there six month visa, passport, etc I have completed the age of 18 would be provided with Norka roots Pravasi identity card.

The students from KERALA who have applied for admission and also those who are studying in foreign countries can apply for Norka student identity card.
Although the benefits have been increase still the application fee for this is not increase. The fee is 315 rupees.

1) Should have completed 18 years of age
2) You should be a Pravasi residing or working abroad with a valid passport and visa for at least 6 months.

Documents Needed
Before applying make sure that all the required documents are scanned and prepared in JPEG formats

1) Copies of front and address page of the passport
2) Copy of Visa Page/ Ikkama/ Work Permit/ Residence Permit
3) Photo and Signature of the applicant
4) Registration fees Rs. 315 per card
5) Renewal of the Pravasi Id Card
6) You can apply for renewal 3 months before the date of expiry
7) Copies of prescribed documents and renewal fee should be submitted

Apply Online for Pravasi Card
1) Register on Norka Website.
2) Login to Norka Roots website.
3) Click on Pravasi ID Card.
4) Click on Apply.


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