An App to Tells the Name of the Person Who Calls or Message You


When you receive a call or message notification on your phone, this application will tell you by voice the name of the person who calls you or the name of the person who sends the message. In a simple sense, it reads your notifications and makes you aware through voice mode. So you do not need to check the notification yourself anymore. This app comes with important features like caller name announcement, message reading, battery status announcement, and location proximity announcement. Moreover, this App has a lot of customization options that you can use as per your requirement and convenience.

Let us see what are the features of this application: –
1) Notifies you of notifications coming to your mobile.
2) It notifies you of the battery status while charging the phone.
3) Location Proximity Announcer.
4) State notification of battery and charging.
5) Says the name of the caller to your phone when the phone rings.
6) Missed call notifies you if you receive a missed call to your phone.
7) Reads the messages in the message.
8) Time announcement at user-defined intervals. (Available in Pro version only)
9) Voice reminder.

Circumstances in which this application can be useful: –
1) When you are cycling or riding a bike.
2) Even when truckers and long-distance drivers are unable to pick up the phone immediately.
2) Read the notifications that come to you during Jain playing times.
3) Caller’s name and message notification will let you know if the call or message is important even if you do not have a phone.
4) This app will notify you of the battery level while charging and will tell you when to pick up your phone.

Options or Features available in this application: –
1) You can choose which application notification you want to read.
2) Option to pronounce only the name of the app (the app that sends the notification) for each app.
3) Customize the prefixes.
4) You can set the option to read-only messages from unknown numbers.
5) Option to read message content only.
6) Option to notify you only if the headphone is connected to your phone.
7) Option to notify you of notification only if the screen is off.
8) Option to repeat the notification.
9) Master control of all screams. (WIDGET support)
10) Silent time – hours not announced by the caller.
11) Read anonymous numbers for call and message announcements.
12) Shake the phone to mute your phone.
13) Turn on / off the screen to mute. This app has many options that will benefit you.


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