Don’t queue at Akshaya; You can apply for your own income certificate


At least once we must have been going up and down Akshaya constantly for an income certificate. We used to run to the village office to get the income certificate, now we go to Akshaya.

But otherwise we can apply for income certificate and many other certificates from our own home. Then you can login with your username and password and apply for more than 45 certificates including income certificates and caste certificates. No need to know English language. Everything is available in Malayalam and English. Income certificate is a necessary document that proves your income. Many places require this certificate.

Kerala Government provides income certificates online and offline. In this article we will show you how to apply for an income certificate in Kerala online and offline. By reading this article you will also learn about the purpose, benefits, features, eligibility criteria, login and download procedure of income certificate.

So, if you are interested in filing for an income certificate in Kerala, please read this post thoroughly till the end. Purpose of Kerala Income Certificate The main purpose of income certificate in Kerala is to issue income certificate to the citizens of the state.

This certificate is used to avail various types of subsidies provided by the Government of Kerala. Citizens of Kerala can apply to get this certificate through Akshaya Kendra’s or e-District Portal. Citizens of Kerala also get tax exemption with the help of availability of income certificates. Apart from this, various types of fee concessions are also provided to students in educational institutions. Students need to produce income certificate to get these concessions. Other certificates can also be applied for.

1.Possession Certificate
2. Income certificate
3. Caste certificate
4. Nativity Certificate
5. One, the same certificate
6. Location Certificate
7. Community Certificate
8. Residence Certificate
9. Certificate of Relationship
10. Family Membership Certificate
11. Non-Remarriage Certificate
12. Possession and Attachment Certificate
13. Certificate of Domicile
14. Life Certificate
  1. Certificate of Identification
  2. Certificate of Valuation
  3. Widow – Widow Certificate 18. Dependency Certificate
  4. Certificate of deputation
  5. Solvency Certificate
  6. Inter – Caste Marriage Certificate
  7. Certificate of Conversion
  8. Minority certificate
  9. Non-Creamy Layer Certificate Right to Information (RTI) Services
  10. Common Applications
  11. Appellate applications Public Grievance Services
27. Applications for Grievances Payment Services Utility Payment Services
28. Water bills29. Electricity Bills
30. Land phone bills
31. Mobile Phone Bills .
32. Wireless Connection Bills Calicut University Services
33. Payment of Examination
34. Payments of General Remittance Welfare Board Fees
35. Labor Welfare Board Fees
36. Cultural Welfare Board Fees
37. Payments by Police Department of Transport Workers

‘ Welfare Board Fees Government provides income certificate to all residents of Kerala. It is a necessary document that serves as proof of annual income of an individual or family. In Kerala, this certificate is issued by village or taluk officers. Residents of Kerala can use this certificate to apply for various types of subsidies offered by the state government. Citizens can apply for this credential both online and offline.

Akshaya Kendra is a place where citizens can submit offline applications. E District Portal is where you can submit your online application. Kerala Income Certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue. To get an income certificate, citizens have to pay a fee. The certificate will be issued within 7 days of receiving the application.

Eligibility Criteria and Required Documents Applicant must be a permanent resident of Kerala Ration card Identification document Aadhaar Card Proof of income Land tax Salary Certificate Basic tax paid receipt Passport size photograph mobile number For that first you need to login and create a new account

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