How to Prepare Land Deed (Adharam) Yourself – Govt Approved


Adharam (Land Deed) is a document prepared in a stamp paper by authenticated people as per the value of property registered in the registrar’s office. It can be either a will or a transaction of land property. It includes information related to a particular piece of lands such as area, boundaries, and sketches. It is normally prepared by a licensee known as adharam ezhuthukar. For many years these document writers follow a typical style of writing and special criteria for charging their fees.


It may be ten thousand or lakhs by calculating a particular percentage of the face value of land as indicated in the deed document. It has been disappointing that over eight months since the Registration department permitted to prepare deeds of selling and buying of properties of your own, till now only a few people make benefit over it. You may think self-preparation of adharam is a complicated task, as it always keeps a typical style of writing.But now it is simple and able to understand common people too. If you are literate and know how to fill a form, it is enough, There are many writing models available on the official websites of the registrar department of Kerala. You can make use of any of the preferred models and can prepare adharam document of your own. As mentioned earlier you just need to fill the blanks with the required information and can be sent to the registrar’s office for further processing. In case you are ignorant or uncertain about filling the form on your own, you can approach any of the eligible literate people. It needn’t approach a typical adharam document writer. In case you approach any of them to fill the form provided on the official website, you just need to pay them a small fee as a writing charge.


But it is shameful that Kerala people well known for their literacy are far from making use of these benefits. It may be the unawareness or lack of confidence that keeps people away from self-preparation of documents and registration. But as per the authorities, a self-prepared adharam document is more acceptable than typical adharam documents written by adharam writers. Actually, these sorts of adharam writers are making benefit from common people. If you have common sense it is crystal clear that they are doing only the task of writing, then what is the necessity of paying ten thousand or lakhs? They deserve only a small charge as a writing fee, as they do only writing which isn’t a cumbersome task. For years they take privilege over Kerala people by keeping special criteria for writing and charging. If you are a responsible individual and want to register your deed without the exploitation of typical document writers download the document from the given link.



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