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Introducing the Ultimate Call Recorder: Unparalleled Technical Advancement

Experience the epitome of call recording technology. Our call recorder is designed to flawlessly capture phone calls and VoIP conversations, catering to most versions of Android devices. If you’ve previously tried other call recording applications and found them lacking, it’s time to try our Call Recorder—it’s the pinnacle of performance.

Key Features:

  • Record both incoming and outgoing phone calls effortlessly.
  • Capture VoIP conversations with precision and clarity.
  • Best of all, it’s completely FREE!

Call Recorder Supports:

  • Phone calls
  • Signal
  • Skype 7, Skype Lite
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp
  • Hangouts
  • Facebook
  • IMO
  • WeChat
  • LINE
  • Slack
  • Telegram 6, Plus Messenger 6
  • And many more coming soon!

Don’t compromise on call recording quality. Elevate your recording experience with our advanced Call Recorder—where every call is captured with excellence. Download it today and record your conversations like never before.

This app utilizes Accessibility services for its functionality.


  • The Premium subscription provides access to extra features only and does not enhance your call recording experience. We recommend testing the basic version before considering a subscription.
  • VoIP call recording is not supported on all devices. Below is a list of tested devices where VoIP call recording is confirmed. However, we advise conducting your own tests on your specific device.

Crystal Clear Sound Quality!

Capture your calls and conversations in pristine audio quality for the best recording experience.

Easy to Use!

  • Automatically record all your calls from the moment they begin.
  • Automatically record calls from selected contacts by creating a list of individuals you always want to record.
  • Exclusion list: Compile a list of contacts exempt from automatic recording.
  • Manual recording: Activate the record button during a call to record specific conversations or parts of them.
  • In-App playback: Our Call Recorder features a built-in file explorer, allowing you to manage your recordings, play them back, delete them on the spot, or export them to other services or devices effortlessly.

Additional Features:

  • Smart Speaker Switching: Bring the phone to your ear during playback to seamlessly switch from the loudspeaker to the earpiece, allowing you to privately listen to your recordings.
  • Starred Recordings: Easily mark and identify important calls by starring them, and then filter them for quick access.
  • Call Back and Contact Integration: Initiate calls directly from the app by tapping on recorded contacts or call history.

Premium Features:

  • Cloud Backup: Safeguard your call recordings by storing them on Google Drive, ensuring you can retrieve them in case of any mishaps.
  • Pin Lock: Secure your recordings with a PIN lock to prevent unauthorized access and maintain your privacy.
  • More Audio Formats: Record calls in the popular MP4 format and customize the quality settings to suit your preferences.
  • Save to SD Card: Opt to save your recordings to an SD card, making it the default storage location for your convenience.
  • Shake-to-Mark: During call recording, shake your phone to mark crucial parts of the conversation for easy reference.
  • Smart Storage Management: Automatically delete older, unimportant (non-starred) calls that have exceeded their retention period and ignore recording short calls to optimize storage space usage.

Additional Features:

  • Post-Call Actions: After ending a conversation, you can immediately play, share, or delete a recording, ensuring efficient management of your recorded calls.
  • Tablet Compatibility: The app is designed to work seamlessly on tablets, expanding its usability across various devices.
  • VoIP Call Recording: Even if your device doesn’t support cellular calls, Cube Call Recorder can record VoIP conversations from apps like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, and more.


If the app doesn’t work on your device or you only hear yourself during playback, try adjusting the recording source in the Settings menu or enable the auto-on speaker mode for optimal performance.

Legal Notice

Please be aware that the legislation regarding phone call recording varies from one country and state to another. It is essential to ensure that you are not violating any laws in your country or the country of the callee/caller. Always inform the other party that the conversation will be recorded and obtain their consent before proceeding with the recording.


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