Norka Roots Relief Project for Returned Pravasi Keralites


NORKA (Non-Resident Keralites Affairs) is a department of the Government of Kerala formed on 6th December 1996 for the well-being of Nonresident Keralites(NRKs). NORKA Roots is a field agency that connects between NRKs and Kerala government. NORKA has started the registration through their website for expatriates Keralites. It is needed for ethnic Keralites as well as people from other states who working here to register under the NORKA site.

Kerala NRK  welfare gives emphasis on giving funds for treatments and other welfare schemes for NRK people. Many people still haven’t any idea about this beneficial plan. You can apply for the registration online. After the online registration, you need to send the corresponding hard copy to the NRK welfare office. NRK welfare pension will be a great relief for the NRKs as they lead lion’s share of their life abroad.

NORKA has come up with various schemes to help the expatriates. Many expatriates have received a lot of help from the government because of that. NORKA has always been a haven for expatriate Keralites returning without a job. NORKA ID card and NORKA pension scheme. NORKA has introduced several schemes for Malayali expatriates such as NORKA Insurance. Norca Routes’ relief program for returning expatriate Keralites is equally beneficial to all. Under the NORKA registered scheme, all eligible persons are provided financial assistance for medical assistance, post-mortem assistance, marriage assistance, and the purchase of disability relief equipment. It is also important that you qualify for this project.

Applicants for the SANTHWANA scheme must have lived in exile for at least two years. In addition, the annual family income of the applicant should not exceed Rs. 1 lakh. Similarly, we can apply for NORKA’s Independence Project by complying with all of NORKA’s criteria.



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