Best Free Voice Typing Apps for Android & Ios

Here is the list of best free speech-to-text apps for android, ios iPhone along with the download links.

In the workplace, efficiency is crucial for success. The quicker you can produce results, the more you can focus on improving the more strategic aspects of your work. However, physically transcribing audio recordings, personal notes, verbal brainstorming ideas, and other documents is a tedious and time-consuming task that severely impacts the level of brainpower you can apply to other activities.

Fortunately, there exists technology by the name of speech-to-text software. It allows you to type without your hands and use your voice to create documents. This article discusses the best speech-to-text software available today in various categories of machine learning solutions.

1) Gboard Voice Typing

Of the many keyboard apps available for Android, Gboard is arguably the most popular and is one of the best free text-to-speech software available. Google’s keyboard comes with several attractive features, such as glide typing and one-handed mode. But aside from these, it also boasts robust speech recognition capabilities. You can use your voice for anything and everything from writing emails to responding to text messages. Gboard’s Voice Typing works with any Android app that accepts text input. To use the feature, all you have to do is tap the microphone icon (located at the right side of Gboard’s suggestion strip), and start dictating when “Speak now” is displayed.

Any errors in the transcribed text can be manually corrected. You can also use Gboard’s Voice Typing functionality to replace words in any document or message. For this, select the target word, and tap the microphone icon. Once “Speak now” is displayed, say the new word to have it replace the existing word. Gboard supports dictation in multiple languages and offers offline use as well.


2) English Voice Typing Keyboard

English Voice Typing Keyboard – Voice to Text Converter as it instantly converts spoken words to text format with high accuracy.

With the advancement in technology and the rapid growth of the world English Voice Typing keyboard – Voice to Text will facilitate your life. Voice-to-text apps can be a treat for busy professionals who don’t even find time to have a conversation with their loved ones. Voice typing is actually a speech recognition tool that records, analyzes, and interprets the phrases and words you speak and converts your voice into words much faster than it would take you to type. This feature is useful for visually impaired people to take notes and convey their messages in the easiest way. Voice typing in English will increase your confidence in speaking English in such a way that if you do not understand any phrase, word, or sentence, it will confirm it and give alternative suggestions. With each update, app developers try to innovate new core features.
In addition to voice typing, it also has built-in aesthetic wallpapers, funky stickers, and cute emojis that will blow your mind. The application is very convenient to use while dealing with clients who do not speak the same language as you or useful for those who have moved abroad for study or business purposes. Speech notes are exemplary for codifying long notes, are a delight for the students to take notes, and will save them in chats for later.


3) E-Dictate App

E-Dictate is an Android application for converting voice to text with an interpreter

One of the most reliable free online applications with which you type your voice and translate text

E-Dictate – is the most secure, highly accurate, and intuitive speech recognition application available for Android smartphones. You can use it to do the following:

– Dictate in any language of the world and watch the text print on the screen
– You can convert thousands of phrases into text;
– You can send all content via e-mail or messaging applications
– Record your voice and later convert the mp3 file to text

This software is designed for bloggers, writers, drivers, runners, busy people, teenagers, visually impaired people who have difficulty finding letters on the keyboard, and those who prefer to type quickly and easily.

Unlike other one-touch speech-to-text applications, turn on the recording and start speaking, and the application will convert your speech to text, and the longer you spend using it, the more artificial intelligence “learns” your voice.

What can this app do that turns your voice into text using voice recognition technology?

– It is useful for writing long and short texts. Dictate freehand for hours! Punctuation for voice input; continuous speech recognition; recall the command for the last voice input, triggered by a button or voice.
– The percentage of accuracy of speech-to-text conversion exceeds 96 and clearly shows the best quality compared to other voice-to-text conversion software.
– Copy, edit, share, export notes, and print with just one click.
– Automatic capitalization.
– The size of this best application for converting voice to text is only 20MB.

4)Dictation – Speech to text

Speak your text instead of typing. No dictation time limit. Convert voice memos to text and translate them into any language.

Dictation – Speech-to-text allows one to dictate, record, translate and transcribe text instead of typing. It uses the latest speech-to-text voice recognition technology and its main purpose is speech-to-text and translation for text messaging. Never type any text, just dictate and translate using your speech! Nearly every app that can send text messages can be configured


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